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0.1. Saturated Colour System: (import (slib saturate))

This library provides a mapping of saturated colour names to colour values (as defined in (slib color)).

Two functions are provided:

  1. saturate-names returns a list of all the names

  2. saturate returns the named colour

sash[r7rs]> (import (slib saturate))
sash[r7rs]> (length (saturate-names))
sash[r7rs]> (saturate-names)
("green" "greenish blue" "reddish purple" "purplish blue" "yellow green" "bluish purple" "yellow" "blue" "blue green" "purplish red" "red purple" "yellowish orange" "bluish green" "reddish orange" "purple" "red" "yellowish green" "greenish yellow" "orange")
sash[r7rs]> (saturate "red")
#<<color> 0x35c02c0>
sash[r7rs]> (color->string (saturate "red"))  ; <1>
sash[r7rs]> (saturate "rnd")                  ; <2>
  1. color→string is available from the (slib color) library

  2. saturate returns #f if the name is not recognised