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0.1. Resene Colour System: (import (slib resene))

This library provides a mapping of colour names to colour values (as defined in (slib color)) based on the Resene colour system. For more information see

Two functions are provided:

  1. resene-names returns a list of all the names

  2. resene returns the named colour

sash[r7rs]> (import (slib resene))
sash[r7rs]> (length (resene-names))
sash[r7rs]> (list-ref (resene-names) 0)
sash[r7rs]> (list-ref (resene-names) 100)
"st tropaz"
sash[r7rs]> (resene "mantis")
#<<color> 0x2d78ea0>
sash[r7rs]> (color->string (resene "mantis"))   ; <1>
sash[r7rs]> (resene (list-ref (resene-names) 100))
#<<color> 0xd6fa40>
sash[r7rs]> (color->string (resene (list-ref (resene-names) 100)))
sash[r7rs]> (resene "rnd")    ; <2>
  1. color→string is available from the (slib color) library

  2. resene returns #f if the name is not recognised