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0.1. Dynamic: (import (slib dynamic))

Provides a kind of name-value store, which can be accessed globally. (This is essentially the same as R7RS parameters, with a different syntax.)

make-dynamic creates a dynamic object wrapping a given object.

dynamic? returns true only if the given object is a dynamic.

dynamic-ref returns the value of a given dynamic object.

dynamic-set! changes the value of the given dynamic object.

call-with-dynamic-binding temporarily rebinds a given dynamic object to a new value within the given procedure.

(let ((x (make-dynamic 'a))         ; <1>
      (y (make-dynamic 'b)))
  (dynamic? x)                      ; <2>
  (eq? 'a (dynamic-ref x))          ; <3>
  (eq? 'b (dynamic-ref y))
  (dynamic-set! x 'c)               ; <4>
  (call-with-dynamic-binding x 'd   ; <5>
    (lambda () (eq? 'd (dynamic-ref x))))
  (eq? 'c (dynamic-ref x)))         ; <6>
  1. Names x as the dynamic object with value 'a

  2. Returns #t as x is a dynamic object

  3. Retrieves the value of the given dynamic object, and checks it is correct

  4. Changes the value of the given dynamic object

  5. Within the lambda x is now bound to 'd

  6. and x reverts to holding 'c after the call