To use: (import (slib common))

For more information including compatibility, examples and test cases, see

1. SLIB Common: (import (slib common))

This library contains some core functions required throughout the SLIB collection. Apart from (slib:version) users of SLIB probably do not need to call these functions.

1.1. add-base-table-implementation

Internal support for database library: adds a supported base implementation to the list of such implementations.

1.2. base-table-implementations

Internal support for database library: contains a list of supported base implementations.

1.4. char-code-limit

A constant 256: One greater than the largest integer which can be returned by char→integer

1.5. gentemp

Returns a new symbol.

1.6. identity

A single-parameter identity function.

1.7. make-exchanger

Provides mutually exclusive access to its resource: when called, it returns its current content replacing it with its argument.

1.8. most-positive-fixnum

Constant #xFFFFFFFF

1.9. open-file

A general method to open a port to read or write.

1.10. output-port-height

A constant 24: default display height (used e.g. in char-plot)

1.11. output-port-width

A constant 79: default display width (used e.g. in char-plot)

1.12. provided?

Checks if features, such as big integers, are supported by the current implementation.

1.13. slib:version

Returns the current version SLIB.

1.14. slib:warn

Displays a warning to the current-error-port before proceeding.

1.15. software-type

Returns a symbol indicating the generic operating system type: the choice of possible return types has been reduced for R7RS to 'windows, 'posix or 'unix.

1.16. system

Calls the operating system.

1.17. tmpnam

A unique string name, used for temporary files.

1.18. with-load-pathname

Takes a path and a thunk, evaluates thunk with an internal variable bound to the path.