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0.0.1. CL-PDF: (import (rebottled cl-pdf))

Originally written for Common Lisp by Marc Battyani, this library was then ported to Scheme by Bruce Butterfield.

The library allows us to construct and output PDF documents. The following example displays two repeated blocks of text and a title in a variety of fonts, sizes and positions in the document.

(define (ex1)
    (let ((helvetica (pdf:build-font "Helvetica"))
          (courier (pdf:build-font "Courier")))
          (pdf:set-font (pdf:font-name helvetica) 36)
          (pdf:move-text 100 750)
          (pdf:draw-text "scm-pdf: Example 1"))
          (dotimes (i 25)
            (pdf:set-font (pdf:font-name helvetica) (* i 1.5))
            (pdf:move-text (+ i 5) (+ i 10))
            (pdf:draw-text "Helvetica")))
          (dotimes (i 25)
            (pdf:set-font (pdf:font-name courier) (* i 1.5))
            (pdf:move-text (+ i 5) (- 50 (+ i 10)))
            (pdf:draw-text "Courier")))))))

This library needs documentation, and some helper functions to layout larger blocks of text.