(chibi mime)

A library to parse MIME headers and bodies into SXML.

(assq-ref ls key [default])

Returns the cdr of the cell in ls whose car is eq? to key, or default if not found. Useful for retrieving values associated with MIME headers.

(mime-type-from-extension ext)

RFC2822 Headers

(mime-header-fold kons knil [source [limit [kons-from]]])

Performs a fold operation on the MIME headers of source which can be either a string or port, and defaults to current-input-port. kons is called on the three values: (kons header value accumulator) where accumulator begins with knil. Neither the header nor the value are modified, except wrapped lines are handled for the value. The optional procedure kons-from is a procedure to be called when the first line of the headers is an "From <address> <date>" line, to enable this procedure to be used as-is on mbox files and the like. It defaults to kons, and if such a line is found the fold will begin with (kons-from '%from <address> (kons-from '%date <date> knil)). The optional limit gives a limit on the number of headers to read.

(mime-headers->list [source])

Return an alist of the MIME headers from source with headers all downcased.

(mime-parse-content-type str)

Parses str as a Content-Type style-value returning the list (type (attr . val) ...).
(mime-parse-content-type "text/html; CHARSET=UTF-8; filename=index.html")
=> (text/html (charset . "UTF-8") (filename . "index.html"))

(mime-decode-header str)

Replace all occurrences of RFC1522 =?ENC?...?= escapes in str with the appropriate decoded and charset converted value.

(mime-write-headers headers out)

Write out an alist of headers in mime format.

RFC2045 MIME Encoding

(mime-message-fold src kons knil [down up headers])

Performs a tree fold operation on the given string or port src as a MIME body corresponding to the headers give in headers. If headers are false or not provided they are first read from src. kons is called on the successive values:
(kons parent-headers part-headers part-body accumulator)
where part-headers are the headers for the given MIME part (the original headers for single-part MIME), part-body is the appropriately decoded and charset-converted body of the message, and the accumulator begins with knil. If a multipart body is found, then a tree fold is performed, calling down once to get a new accumulator to pass to kons, and up on the result when returning. Their signatures are:
(down headers seed)
(up headers parent-seed seed)
The default down simply returns null, and the default up wraps the seed in the following sxml:
 ((mime (@ headers ...)
    seed ...)
  parent-seed ...)

(mime-message->sxml [src [headers]])

Parse the given source as a MIME message and return the result as an SXML object of the form: (mime (@ (header . value) ...) parts ...).