(srfi 64)

SRFI-64 reference implementation

This is the reference implementation from SRFI-64 wrapped in a snowball. The code is by Per Bothner, Alex Shinn, Álvaro Castro-Castilla, and Mark H Weaver. This snowball was made by Robert Fisher. Note that the test suite is currently not passing (at least with chibi-scheme). See the github repo below for more information. github repo

(test-runner-reset runner)

(test-runner-group-path runner)





(test-begin suite-name)

(test-begin suite-name count)

(test-on-group-begin-simple runner suite-name count)

(test-on-group-end-simple runner)

(test-on-bad-count-simple runner count expected-count)

(test-on-bad-end-name-simple runner begin-name end-name)

(test-group suite-name . body)

(test-group-with-cleanup suite-name form cleanup-form)

(test-group-with-cleanup suite-name cleanup-form)

(test-group-with-cleanup suite-name form1 form2 form3 . rest)

(test-result-ref runner pname)

(test-result-ref runner pname default)

(test-on-test-end-simple runner)

(test-result-set! runner pname value)

(test-result-clear runner)

(test-result-remove runner pname)

(test-result-kind [runner])

(test-passed? [runner])

(test-runner-test-name runner)

(test-with-runner runner form ...)

(test-apply first . rest)

(test-match-nth n)

(test-match-nth n count)

(test-match-all pred ...)

(test-match-any pred ...)

(test-skip pred ...)

(test-expect-fail pred ...)

(test-match-name name)

(test-read-eval-string string)