A Snow repository is a list of zero or more packages and/or sibling repositories. The snow-fort repository lives at https://snow-fort.org/s/repo.scm, but clients may maintain their own lists of repositories or learn about new repos via the sibling links.


 ;; A sibling is a pointer to another repository, which the client may
 ;; choose to search as well.  The URL points to a file containing
 ;; another `repository' sexp.  The optional trust level is a real
 ;; number in [0..1] indicating the current repository's trust in the
 ;; sibling - the user's trust level is the product of all trust
 ;; levels along the shortest path to a source.  The default is 0.5.
 ;; Siblings may be used to build a distributed network of
 ;; repositories, to split the current repository into several URLs
 ;; for performance (e.g. moving seldom changing packages or publisher
 ;; lists to a repo with a longer refresh), or to provide translated
 ;; versions of the repo.  Clients are free to ignore siblings and/or
 ;; maintain their own lists of repositories.
  (name "Some Other Repo")
  (url "http://some-other-repository.org/packages.scm")
  (trust 0.5))

 ;; Packages
  ;; Structure as described in the package specification.

You can make a pull request at https://github.com/ashinn/snow-fort/ if you want to add your repo as a sibling.