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0.1. SSAX XML Parser: (import (slib xml-parse))

This SLIB library exposes various levels of the XML parsing process.

More information on SSAX parsing is available at

The main top-level function is ssax:xml→sxml. This takes two arguments: an input port, and an (optionally empty) association list of namespace prefixes to URIs. The function returns an s-expression containing the contents of the XML document read from the input port.

#|kawa:2|# (|ssax:xml->sxml| (open-input-string "<tag>content</tag>") '())
(*TOP* (tag content))
#|kawa:3|# (define *str* "<person gender=\"male\"><name>Peter</name><number>1234</number></person>")
#|kawa:4|# (|ssax:xml->sxml| (open-input-string *str*) '())
(*TOP* (person (@ (gender male)) (name Peter) (number 1234)))

(The vertical bars around the function calls are sometimes required in Kawa.)

Notice the XML strings are converted to s-expressions. Attributes are marked "@". All values are strings.